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Depression in dogs

Depression in dogs – symptoms, causes, and recovery

Depression is not such a rare condition, and it doesn’t only affect humans, but also animals. Maybe you just moved, or you brought home a new puppy, and you feel he is withdrawn and...
Demi Lovato And Youtube Documentary

Demi Lovato And Youtube Documentary

Demi Lovato released her long-awaited documentary called "Simply Complicated" on the end of 2017, and it caused massive media and public attention. Her film already has more than half a million views and more...
16 Years Of Alcohol

16 Years Of Alcohol

Product Description (PRE-ORDER) This film was made in 2003, and it is based on the Richard Jobson’s acclaimed semi-autobiographical novel of the same name, written in 1987. It is a gritty tale of one man’s inner...
4 Movies where Stars have failed

4 Movies Where Stars Have Failed

In Hollywood, there is no rule for the financial and critical success of a movie; if it were, then no film would ever be unsuccessful. Sometimes it's enough for us to look at who...
Movie: New Town Killers

Movie: New Town Killers

This amazing British film is directed and written by Jobson Richard, and it is produced by Luc Roeg. It was released in the United Kingdom in 2008, and it is 97 minutes long. In...

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