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Sued Again Over ‘Uptown Funk.’

Sued Again Over ‘Uptown Funk.’

If you are counting, the score is: five people claiming rights over one global hit. Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson can not have a single moment of peace. Various artists sued again these two...
Big Hollywood Lies - Movies That Are Not Based On A True Story After All

Big Hollywood Lies – Movies That Are Not Based On A True Story After...

You know when the title of the movie says "True Story"? Well, for these films, they lied to us a bit. But that's to be expected, given that history is sometimes a bit boring...
Film Festival In Glasgow

Film Festival In Glasgow

In 1983 Glasgow city launched its campaign „miles better” to advertise and promote itself as an industry and tourist location. The campaign becomes internationally known as one of the earliest and as one of...
4 Movies where Stars have failed

4 Movies Where Stars Have Failed

In Hollywood, there is no rule for the financial and critical success of a movie; if it were, then no film would ever be unsuccessful. Sometimes it's enough for us to look at who...
Movie: New Town Killers

Movie: New Town Killers

This amazing British film is directed and written by Jobson Richard, and it is produced by Luc Roeg. It was released in the United Kingdom in 2008, and it is 97 minutes long. In...

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