Richard Jobson is a director, producer, script, and songwriter from Scottland. He also works as a presenter on television and is known as a songwriter and singer of the famous band Skids. His singing style was very distinctive. The final, fourth album Joy by his bend was written almost completely by Russell Webb and Jobson. Richard started another band later in life with the name „The Armoury Show.“ He read poetry on numerous shows, programs, and albums. He also became a television presenter and a film reviewer in 1980s, on 01 for London, and for Sky Television.

Some of his movies which he directed and wrote are The Purifiers; I Think You Need a Lawyer (short), A Woman in Winter, The Somnambulists, The Journey  (short), Wayland’s Song. He produced and acted in the movie Tube Tales, and he is part of the reunion documentary “The Skids Live 2010”. Jobson got an award of an honorary degree (Doctor of Arts) from Edinburgh Napier University in 2013.