Film Festival In Glasgow

Film Festival In Glasgow

In 1983 Glasgow city launched its campaign „miles better” to advertise and promote itself as an industry and tourist location. The campaign becomes internationally known as one of the earliest and as one of the most successful. This port town located in Scotland became worldwide famous, and this campaign received many international and domestic awards. It was the first time any city managed to rebrand itself successfully.

Thirty-five years later this city is still well known for – among all the things it is known for its Film Festival that is now one of the top three in the United Kingdom. This UK leading festival is highly anticipated and regarded event. This thirteen years old festival managed to go from the 6 thousand attendances to over 50 thousand in just over a decade, and it is still developing and growing. The main goal is that this festival position itself as one of the top festivals that focus on the audience in the whole Europe.

The audience visiting this festival is central to its program because the organization of this festival wants to enable all visitors the full and deep experience. The programme of this festival regularly has new international and local movies in all genres, groundbreaking experimentation of the art-house, the famous returns of well known and adored classics, really unique cultural gems, and mainstream films that are the top crowd pleasers. Offcourse the festival wouldn’t be the same, and quite popular without its guest filmmaker appearances, workshops that are interactive, and great discussion lectures and panels. It has all one could imagine.

Film Festival In GlasgowThis Festival is a place for people to share different perspectives and ideas, with the audience response and experience as one of the most important parts of a creative process. It is a place not only for the people that are in love with this industry, but also for the (future) professionals to meet, exchange ideas, and stay informed about all the things that are happening in this industry. Each year, the audience with its feedback is shaping the next year programme. The Glasgow Film Festival is a really precious gem that continues to shine on the film industry, connecting not only audience with moves, but also directors, writers, and other relevant professionals with their audience and colleagues. The third biggest festival in the world still continues to amaze and grow, making Glasgow miles better.


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