Movie: New Town Killers

Movie: New Town Killers

This amazing British film is directed and written by Jobson Richard, and it is produced by Luc Roeg. It was released in the United Kingdom in 2008, and it is 97 minutes long. In this drama, the lead actors are Dougray Scott and Anthony Pearson. The plot follows businessmen played by Alastair Mackenzie and Dougray Scott – they are playing mouse and cat games with marginalized people.

New Town KillersThe movie follows a teenager from Edinburgh Sean Macdonald who is living with his sister Alice Kelly a life that lacks any perspective. They are orphans. In one moment, the brother finds out that his sister is in debt 12.000 pounds to some dangerous man, and they are forcing Alice to carry drugs to Amsterdam. In the same time, two strangers Jamie Steward and Alistair Raskolnikov get in touch with Sean offering him the same amount his sister owes in exchange that the three of them play hide and seek for 12 hours. The deal is that if they fail to hunt Sean, he will get the money in the morning. After the boy accepts their offer, the plot thickens – it came to light that Alistair is a killer, paranoid and sadistic one, so Sean needs to win, not only for the money but to save his life. The men who contacted him are bankers, and the hunting games are how they pass their time.

This thriller is full of the tension that just constantly keeps growing, the action scenes are amazingly fluent, and the viewers are presented with somewhat gothic Edinburg. The ethical questions that this movie raised are still relevant in today’s world and will be in the days to come.

Richard Jobson also wrote the music, and the theme song was his official comeback in songwriting after fifteen years. The co-authors of the theme song are Isa & the Filthy Tongues, a Scottish band which included some of the members of Angelfish and Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie. This movie was in selection for The International Thessaloniki Film Festival, 2008 and for The Times BFI London Film Festival, 2008.


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