Big Hollywood Lies – Movies That Are Not Based On A True Story After All

Big Hollywood Lies - Movies That Are Not Based On A True Story After All

You know when the title of the movie says “True Story”? Well, for these films, they lied to us a bit. But that’s to be expected, given that history is sometimes a bit boring and dull, so the creative team working on the film has to change the action to keep the attention of the viewer. These are films whose creative teams have slightly changed the action and made a movie that is ultimately not inspired by a real story.

The Revenant

Although Hugh Glass played by Leonardo DiCaprio existed in the film, some things are still fictional. Hugh may have survived the disagreements nature had set (yes, even that epic bear scene), but he did not have a son, so the whole action of the film based on Hugh seeking revenge for the people you killed his son – well, it is just pure fiction.

The Walk, and Man on Wire

The Walk, and Man on WireYes, Philippe Petit, who plays Joseph Gordon Levitt in the film, was walking on a thin rope placed between two towers of the World Trade Center, even made a couple of tricks along the way, as shown in the film. But the true story we are talking about has never been filmed, and so is the supposedly archival footage of that walk that later appears in the documentary on Phillippe Petit ‘Man on Wire’ of course does not exist. Let’s also mention that the facts, like how many times they have suffered or had problems with the police, are not in correlation with real life and film The Walk.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

This cult film was promoted as a real story, and in fact, it was far from that and quite an ordinary horror. Although Leatherface from the movie is one of the most famous horror villains, it is not based on a maniac that is going around with a chainsaw, but like most of the horror and thriller thugs based on the serial killer Edu Gein.


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