Cannabis Is Everyone’s Easy Solution – Why Don’t They Approve It?

Cannabis Is Everyone’s Easy Solution – Why Don’t They Approve It?

We all know that cannabis is easy to grow, to use and that it offers great medical features. But why do they prolong the legalization throughout the world? Simply because they want to make money!

Lucikly, there were some positive things with the hemp’s status in the world and now, you can find a buy weed online review to get your perfect strain.

Still, why did some countries leave the process of legalization? Here are the top three reasons why the officials do not want to approve this plant and make it legal!

A lot of the medicinal values

Cannabis is known to have a lot of medicinal values and it is yet to be discovered the full list of the problems that it can treat. Unlike the pharmaceutical companies that require a lot of prior work for making healthy drugs, cannabis does not require any additional equipment or substances, especially when grow outdoor.

Medical Marijuana
Marijuana On Table

On the other hand, it is one of the rare drugs that can treat several diseases and conditions effectively, as no other artificial drug can do this. Usually, you have each drug for each of the conditions, while cannabis can treat a lot of diseases and conditions.

Therefore, the pharmaceutical companies do not want to approve it as everyone could grow a plant in their yard and stay healthy. Instead, they force people to buy the medicine from the pharmacies, making it impossible to enjoy the natural remedies.

Can be used for material production

Unlike concrete for example, that requires the additional work for its production, cannabis can be applied in an alternate way and substitute the concrete as we know today. The hempcrete is the fusion of hemp (cannabis sativa plants with THC level lower than 0.3%), lime and sand, which can be used effectively for construction and isolation purposes.

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It is a biocomposite material, which means it will not harm our environment in any way. Still, the production of this material is not as complicated as the production of concrete and the building companies do not want something that everyone can make in their yard. On top of that, the hempcrete is being used in some countries, but never reached the popularity of concrete not because it is a poor material, but because someone does not want to.

Cheap to grow

Yes, it is very cheap to grow! Unlike the majority of other cultures that we grow, cannabis only needs a bit of soil, sunlight and some water!

It is a weed after all and it will not die easily as it is made to withstand the harsh and dry climate.

The only thing that can kill it is the low temperature. You are not required to buy expensive fertilizers to make it grow better but rather to give it good soil with the natural fertilizer and water it regularly. This is something that commercial growers do not want to – they want to sell you their fertilizers, earn money and make you depend on them. This is not the case with cannabis as it can grow almost anywhere, without any special care!


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