How to buy cannabis online


Today when using cannabis out for pure pleasure is legal, many of the Canadians have one goal and that is how to purchase marijuana? Even though federal Cannabis Act has made possible to use, sell and purchase cannabis within restraint, varying territorial government found to way to make it harder on you to come within the possession of marijuana. For example, cannabis enthusiast from Ontario will face different obstacle than those in Manitoba. In the next lines you will get inclusive look at any way you can purchase cannabis and find cannabis online Canada websites that provide online purchases.

British Columbia:

In Canada’s most western province situation with cannabis is regulated through online sales which include the British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch (BCLDB). The resident of B.C. who are older than 19 years can purchase cannabis on online shop platform, but it is important that every possible purchase will go throe 48 hour handling period. Additionally, British Columbia is serious about age restrictions, and people who place orders online will go through serious of age gates and will have to confirm their age when in-person deliberation is made.



Energy province of Canada took a two-way approach when handling cannabis sales. First, Albertans will be able to buy cannabis in private brick and mortar stores. Secondly,  the AGLC put up an online store for residents of Alberta so they can purchase their cannabis online, also. The are many ways for Alberta’s authorities to check age, birth, and addresses of the potential buyers. If these system does not give much success, consumers will have to share their copy of the ID. If this method does not work they will have to the barcode to Canad post office and confirm their age. Also, when delivery is placed it has to be signed by someone of age 18 or older.


Manitoba’s Government has decided to put the faith of online cannabis business into the hand of private retailers. Only those retailer who is licensed can maintain cannabis stores online. And only those store you can purchase cannabis. The government of Manitoba does not want anything to do with cannabis sales to customers. Her main role is to ensure a safe way for consumers t buy the product online, from a licensed and trusted store. The person has to be at least 19 years old to use cannabis.



A situation in Ontario is that you can purchase cannabis only in Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) which is a formal online store purchase in the province of Ontario. There you can buy all things that are related to cannabis. This is the main sources for online purchases up until April 1st of 2019 when the opening of private retailer stores is set to happen. After that date, Canada post will also be able to deliver it to your address. Just like in Manitoba you have to be of age 19 to use cannabis.

Now, when online purchase of marijuana is available, everything is changed for better.


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