How To Treat Your Skin Properly?


Buying the right anti-aging product is sometimes a difficult task as you need to take into an account many things before choosing the product. Joanne Rounds, the founder of Skin Care Habits LLC, explained once that the most important thing is to start with one product and use it for a certain period of time, before you could see the results and decide if you need to switch to the other product. Since we have today a lot of products and that makes us a bit insecure which one to choose, we will give you a few insider tips that you can use in order to find the right products, use them well and improve your skin look.

Use sunscreen and moisturizer

These two are, according to the specialists and experienced dermatologists, the two best anti-aging products that you can find almost anywhere. In order to see if they have any effect on your skin look, try to use them everyday. When going for the sunscreen creams, pay attention to: SPF (at least 30 or higher), water resistance and the broad spectrum. The moisturizer will “cover” the fine lines that you see with your eyes, while the sunscreen will protect your skin from the sunlight. Just make sure that the sunscreen has a wide spectrum of protection, as well as the high level of sun protection factor.

Treat the specific spots

In order to determine whether the creams and products have an effect on your skin, you need to focus on a specific spot on your skin, which you will treat regularly with the same product. For example, focus on the dark spots and try to keep track of any improvement. After a week or two, you will be able to see results and see if the product works for you. However, have in mind that no product can remove all your dark spots and treat your skin, and also, note that you should not use more than one anti-aging products at the same time, as they can seriously irritate your skin and make it look older.

Try to find the product that is made for your skin type

Oily skins should be treated with the products that do not contain the high level of oil as you will only make the things worse. The sensitive skin should not be treated with the product that is made for the oily skins. Once you determine what type of skin you have, you will know what product to buy and achieve the best results.

Try to find the product that is made for your skin type

Be realistic and find the product that is not too expensive

You cannot look 10 years younger in a fortnight! It is simply impossible. Anti-aging products can mask or cover your skin a bit so you don’t expose wrinkles and other types of aging symptoms, but cannot make you look younger after a few days of use. Not because the products are not of good quality but rather because the aging process is far more complex than you think. It is connected to hormones and internal processes of the body, so it is hard to influence that.

When you want to buy an anti-aging product, do not buy something that is way too expensive. Not because you don’t have money but because you will get disappointed, since you will probably not be satisfied with results. You might think that the product is not okay, but you simply cannot influence the hormonal changes.


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