Lawyer specialization – What path you should take?


Over twenty different specializations of law study exist, and this presents a problem for someone who didn’t decide which path to choose before they enrolled in a law school. This is an essential breakdown of these specializations as many other routes emerge down the road. Almost every basic law study specialization branches out into several others, and this makes it even harder for someone to decide which way to go.

It’s impossible to compile an article that would list all types of lawyer jobs and what they represent. Even if it were possible, all entries would be short, and you wouldn’t learn anything from that. On the other hand, listing several specializations that will make some decent money will allow you to learn.

How to discern good law specializations

In general, you want to make as much money as it is possible and thus you must look at the size of the salary of a specialty. You will want to check the average and starting numbers, as they will tell you all you need to know about that type of lawyer work.

The starting salary isn’t a real representation of the money you will be able to make in the future, but it will tell you a lot about that branch of law. The best way to explain this is to use one of the law school branches as an example.

In this case, the example is the corporate attorney branch. The job of a corporate attorney is to represent companies in all legal dealings it has. This includes everything from formulating contracts and analyzing evidence that is a part of a legal procedure to advisory work on the constitutional right the company and its employees have.

The minimum salary range for a corporate lawyer is between 30 and 100k dollars. Those that excel in the law school and during their internship get to reap better benefits. But some schools will set your starting salary over 100k. For example, you have Columbia Law School. The best graduates that choose corporate branch start with around 160k dollars salary.

The average salary for this line of work is around 100k. You have to understand that lawyers that get employed by individuals get less money. The majority of attorneys are like that. The pay goes several times up for those that find work in huge companies.

Lucrative lawyer specializations

Becoming a real estate lawyer is an excellent way to make some decent money. The job involves the creation of complex legal contracts and similar documents as well as consultations with clients. Having excellent analytical skills is vital for this line of work. The average salary is around 90k dollars. The pay varies depending on the expertise of the lawyer and the location where they work.

Working as a criminal attorney is hard, but the pay is good. The average salary is around 50k dollars for public defenders. Finding employment in successful law firms means that the starting salary won’t be below 115k. Check this lawyer miami article for more info about these and other law specializations.


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