16 Years Of Alcohol

16 Years Of Alcohol

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16 years of alcoholThis film was made in 2003, and it is based on the Richard Jobson’s acclaimed semi-autobiographical novel of the same name, written in 1987. It is a gritty tale of one man’s inner journey of self-discovery as he escapes from the tyranny of the past and tries to come to terms with an identity forged in violence and betrayal. The main character in this film is a boy named Frankie, and he is played by Kevin McKidd, an actor that is best known for his role in a TV show Grey’s Anatomy, where he plays the role of doctor Owen Hunt. In Sixteen Years of Alcohol, the lead character Frankie is a skinhead with violent childhood, who abuses alcohol and loves Ska. This character is somewhat based on the author of the novel and the authors’ brother.

The movie was described as influenced by movies Trainspotting and A Clockwork Orange. This was the first movie Jobson directed, and it was nominated at the British Independent Film Awards in 2003 for the best independent movie, and it won an award in the category for the best-supporting-actress, who was played by Susan Lynch, the artist who latter in life three times won the Irish Film & Television Academy (IFTA) award. The plot is set in Aberdour and Edinburgh, and the soundtrack is full of rock, skinhead reggae and ska 1960s and 1970s music. It features the artists such as Claudette and the Corporation, Velvet Underground, The Skids, Iggy and The Stooges, Roxy Music and Desmond Dekker.

Director / Richard Jobson Producer / Hamish McAlpine Executive Producer / Steve McIntyre Screenwriter / Richard Jobson Director of Photo / John Rhodes Cast / Laura Fraser, Kevin McKidd, Susan Lynch, Ewen Bremner Year 2002

Region 2 PAL UK / Runtime: 102 min



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