Songs By Which We Will Remember 2017 – Best Of The Best

Songs By Which We Will Remember 2017 - Best Of The Best

This is the list of songs that will keep 2017 in your memory, and it was a year of good music! Maybe you already have them on repeat, so here is the list of the best ones before radio stations begin playing some new ones in years to come.

In the beginning, there was…

  1. Shape of you – Ed Sheeran (January 6th)

Although this hit was involved in controversy because some of it had been proclaimed a copy of the TLC 1999 No Scrubs song, Ed Sheeran’s version has been more successful – it has almost 3 billion views on Youtube.

  1. Chained to the rhythm – Katy Perry (February 10)

This song was a reaction to Trump’s victory at the presidential election in 2016 and, although it sounds like a typical dance/pop hit, actually brings a well-thought-out text.

  1. It is not me – Kygo ft. Selena Gomez (February 16th)

With this hit, Selena started one of her most successful years in the music world. It is about a relationship that has been destroyed due to alcoholic preference and has an enduring message.

With spring it came…

  1. Despacito – Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee ft. Justin Bieber (April 16th)

This simply had to be summer hit – the Latin rhythm in combination with dance sound and Bieber as a guest artist.. confess, you started singing it.

  1. There’s nothing holding me back – Shawn Mendes (April 20th)

The hottest musician from this year’s awarding of the European MTV awards has won the prize (among others) and the best song – just this one.

 Justin Bieber ft. Bloodpop

And then there was the glory.

  1. Friends – Justin Bieber ft. Bloodpop (August 17)

Belieber came to his own – he was reportedly again with Selen Gomez (at least intensified his relationship), and all began after her kidney transplantation and the release of this song.

  1. Look what you made me do – Taylor Swift (August 25)

The drama around her album ‘Reputation’ began with the release of this song, but also before her disappearance of Taylor from the social network. In 2017, she began a new era of her life, and we still meet the horrible and drastic, even the zealous Taylor! But this song has kept quite a while on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.


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