Sued Again Over ‘Uptown Funk.’

Sued Again Over ‘Uptown Funk.’

If you are counting, the score is: five people claiming rights over one global hit. Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson can not have a single moment of peace. Various artists sued again these two over the hit “Uptown Funk”. The song that is raising so many lawsuits is the single from 2014 that won the Grammy Award, actually two, as well as the 2016 Record of the Year.

Mark and Bruno were initially sued by the College band from Minneapolis because they claimed copyright violations had been violated and that this award-winning single sounded too similar to their song “Young Girls” that is from 1983. In September they have also been sued because of the 1980 song “More Bounce To The Ounce”. Does anyone ever know these songs? But that’s not the end. Ronson and Mars had to add members of the band The Gap Band as co-songwriters because it was decided that “Uptown Funk” was inspired by the hit “Oops! Upside Your Head ‘.

Mark RonsonNow let’s get back in today. This time they are sued by The Sequence because, as they claim, this song copies their “Funk You Up” from 1979, it is almost forty years old. The claim in the official documents which are the basis of the lawsuit that is filed says that the song has ‘significant and substantially similar compositional elements’. No, it is still not the end of troubles for this 2016 hit. Serbian performer Victoria also claims that this around the popular world hit is a copy of her hit “The Dark Street is Not For Girls.”

How many times will this famous hit be sued and will the number of lawsuits outperform its music glory? Will this song be remembered by its sound, or by how many times in a year is it sued? Regardless of whether “Uptown Funk” was inspired by all of these older hits, it seems that other performers are in a hurry to jump on a popularity drive to remind the public of their existence – through suing this already too many times sued hit.


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