Tips: application for Medical Marijuana


It doesn’t matter in which state are you applying for your medical marijuana card, the application process is inevitable. It is true that in some states the process is easier, but in most the requirements are the same. The most stressful part of this whole thing for most of the people is that whole evaluation process. Medical marijuana evaluation process is mandatory, and it is a thirty minutes interview where you need to answer various questions about your medical condition. After that, the doctor will decide if you are a suitable candidate for a marijuana treatment and he will issue a recommendation regarding medical marijuana.

Make sure you got everything you need

The important stuff to bring on this evaluation is your government ID, or if you are bringing state ID, you need to have a utility bill that will prove residency. Your medical record is also essential here; it doesn’t matter if your evaluation is in person or online, because the doctor needs to be able to understand your precise condition and reasons you have for applying to decide if you are a candidate for medical marijuana card. These medical documents can be your disability paperwork, workers compensation, MRI or x-ray results, prescriptions. Gather all the documents you need and which are required before you apply. Make sure all the documentation is valid, like your ID – make sure it’s not expired or invalid.

It is important where you are getting your medical marijuana application. Do not give up before your evaluation. When you are done with your evaluation, and you became a candidate in some states, it is enough to purchase medical marijuana legally from a licensed dispensary. In other states, you will need to proceed through the rest of the process to get your cart, and that is done by sending your medical records and recommendation to the relevant state’s office. A card is giving you guarantees that you will never be hassled for consuming your medication. Remember, in most countries licensed doctors are forbidden to recommend you where you can buy marijuana for your treatment.

Quick checklist

Here is a list of things you need to bring with you on your evaluation:

1. All the relevant documents, copies, (sealed) records regarding your symptoms or condition. It will improve your chances by a lot.
2. Remember that you are requesting this wor medical, not recreational purposes. You are talking to professionals so act professionally too.
3. Tell everything. Do not hold back on your medical related problems; the doctor needs to know your condition. Be thorough and explain why you think medical marijuana can help you live your life with quality.

When you gather all the information, you need you will be prepared, no matter from which state you are. Keep in mind you need to explain that you need this for your medical condition and then let the doctors evaluate what is best for your health.


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