Tips to match your jewelry with an outfit

jewelry with an outfit

In the long run, most of us will agree that cloths and outfit don’t make a man, but the fact is also that our first impression about someone is formed based on someone’s appearance and everything we can conclude about that person based on their style. It’s not just about the aesthetic or the value of pieces of clothes or accessories, but also about the way someone matches them; the attention paid to details and the overall style the appearance reflects. When it comes to impressing with details, jewelry plays crucial design statement role. It can bring a note of extraordinary to your completely ordinary clothes, adjust your outfit to the occasion and catch the attention of everyone around. To explore the potential of jewelry, you should make an informed decision and choice when matching pieces of jewelry with your outfit. Aside from large scale of impressive jewelry models for all occasions, jewelry store miami provides experts’ advice and instruction on adequate maneuvering your jewelry. Here are some tips on matching it with the outfit.

Consider the occasion

jewelryOne of the most important aspects to consider when choosing jewelry to match with your outfit is the nature of the occasion, the atmosphere waiting for you and the things you’ll be doing during the period of wearing a chosen jewelry. Think of the impression jewelry will make among people surrounding you and try to keep it practical as well. Avoid dangling jewelry rich in loose details when dressing for work. Avoid intimidating jewelry with bold colors if the occasion imposes humble and restrained outfit. Unleash some exotic notes of your taste when choosing jewelry for a date or a night out.

Jewelry design vs. cloths design

Remember that these two should not interfere but go along. Loud jewelry and dress rich in colors will only make visual noise. Monotonous outfit and linear, simple jewelry might create picture missing a final touch. Thus, try to adjust outfit and jewelry to complement each other. Enrich simple dressing with an exotic piece of earrings or neckless or give a note of elegance and mysticism to ornate dress with a gracious bracelet.

A mixture of warm and cool colors

When wearing simple clothes in black or white shades, you are free to add jewelry in pretty much any color. However, when either one of these is colored some ambitious tone, be careful not to create cartoon effect and appearance overwhelmed with fiery colors. Combination of warm and cool is what you should strive for. Pair warm gemstone with navy blue or purple cloths. Opposite to that, you may try a brave mixture of dark blue gemstones with bright yellow dressing material. Either way, make sure colors blend naturally and smoothly, so the overall impression is meaningful.

Earrings enlighten face

You can also combine jewelry with your skin tone and adjust unique earrings with your face and makeup. Give a final touch to your make up with the statement earrings and let them carry the total design of your upper part of the body


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