7 Films From 2017 You Need To See

7 Films From 2017 You Need To See

The film year began triumphantly with the release of the most praised and awarded “Moonlight” and “La La Land”. After the Oscars season, the year was marked by Christopher Nolan and his war dancer “Dunkirk”. The long-awaited sequel to “Blade Runner” completely satisfied fans of science fiction, but one horror left the biggest impression on the audience in 2017. In the text that follows, find out which 7 films from 2017 most impressed the critics.

Call Me By Your Name

This is an adaptation of the novel of the same name, Andreas Asiman, which deals with the growing up and the first love of the seventeenth-year-old young man Elijah in rural Italy. Although it has only recently been broadcast in world cinemas, this film has already found its place on the list of the best film achievements of the year.

God’s Own Country

Johnny is a young British farmer who spends his free time on alcohol and superficial love relationships with other men. When his Georgian migrant Georgi comes to his village, his life starts to get meaning, and the two get into a relationship that will change them forever.


This is all but a conventional war film. It shows the evacuation of the British army from French beaches during the Second World War from three different perspectives: soldiers on the land waiting for help from the sea, airborne pilots defending them from the attack of German combat aircraft, and civilians who started ships to help in the evacuation of the detained army.

The Death Of Stalin

The Death Of Stalin

A panic and a struggle for the power of the political leadership of the Soviet Union after Stalin’s death in 1953 was shown humorously. The film was directed by Armando Iannucci, a British author who is known for his political satires. We remind you that he is the creator of the hilarious series The Thick Of It and Veep, as well as In The Loop.

La La Land

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone brushed as a jazz musician and young actress in one of the most popular modern La La Land musicals. The film might have slipped off the Oscars, but it did not prevent it from being paid at the box office for nearly 450 million dollars.

Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049

The quality of the continuation of the science-fiction classic Blade Runner surprised even the biggest skeptics. The film takes place 30 years from the original and follows the fate of a replicant named K (Ryan Gosling) who is tasked with finding and eliminating replicants of the old series that have been banned by law in the meantime.

Get Out

The director’s debut by comedian Jordan Peel impressed both the critic and the audience. Get Out is a perfect horror that keeps all the genres of the genre, but at the same time it deals with the ever-present theme of the relationship between races (in this case, white and black).


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