Anger, Hatred, And Drama – This Is The Worst Celebrity Quarrel In 2017

Anger, Hatred, And Drama - This Is The Worst Celebrity Quarrel In 2017

Drama, drama and then a little bit more of drama – if something in 2017 did not falter then that was celebrity quarrels. From quarrels via Twitter and other social networks, to spitting over the media, these celebs did not hesitate to publicly state what they think about their rivals. And while in some cases the fans spurred chaos where it was not there, their comments, in other cases, did not require any help to spread a furious discussion among colleagues with whom they were completely okay yesterday. So let’s take this moment to recall all the battles that broke out in the year that is behind us.

Marilyn Manson Vs. Justin Bieber

The old metalworker and seducer of the music industry have argued about a reason that is still unclear to us. Namely, the boys clung to the T-Shirts.

Justin Bieber Vs. Selena Gomez

Can we count at all how many times in the past year they secretly walked, battled, they were on the move and rushed away, calmed down and acted like friends, and again came together again, and again they broke…

Chrissy Teigen Vs. Shawn Mendes vs. everybody ever

Since she put her modeling career aside to devote to motherhood, John Legend’s wife spends a lot of time-fighting on Twitter. There was that silly and unnecessary quarrel, or more poisonous subversion of Shawn Mendes because both John and Shawn were nominated for the best man in the choice of GQ magazine.

Fifth Harmony Vs. Camila Cabello

The girls did not put well the fact that Camila decided to leave them. After a couple of bad comments on this subject they leaked out, the girls refused to give interviews with Camilla, and the world will not forget the MMA award ceremony, at which girls from Fifth Harmony cast fake Camila Cabello from the stage in the choreography.

Halsey vs. Demi Lovato and Katy Perry

HalseyThis is one of those quarrels that fans have cooked. Namely, they were quite sure that Halsey did not have a very cool attitude towards Demi Lovato and Katy Perry because she once mentioned the lyrics of the songs of the mentioned girls and the fact that pop music still looks at bisexuality as a taboo. Then Demi said something about “if they talk about it, it sure is still a hit song,” and chaos emerged.

Katy Perry vs. Taylor Swift

A typical girlfriends row, one said one, the other said something else and the bam girls were suddenly in a quarrel, a quarrel that stretched through the whole of 2017 and which honestly no longer knows the cause.


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