Demi Lovato And Youtube Documentary

Demi Lovato And Youtube Documentary

Demi Lovato released her long-awaited documentary called “Simply Complicated” on the end of 2017, and it caused massive media and public attention. Her film already has more than half a million views and more than 50 hundred comments. The movie is one hour and eighteen minutes long, and already in the first few seconds of the film, it’s just clear that this is something special. The film itself is quite a shocking story about the darkest secrets of one of only a couple of young musicians who are rightly called a megastar.

Demi LovatoAt the beginning of the movie, Demi immediately admits to us at the outset that she was insincere to us when she published the “Stay Strong” documentary in 2012, where she spoke about her recovery. As it turns out she talked and lied, because almost all the time she was recording it, she was on dangerous drugs, like cocaine. Now, speaking about this new movie, she claims that here she is 1000% clean and is ready to explain her behavior and apologize to the fandom. Demi is quite sure that she isn’t hiding anything this time. It doesn’t matter if you doubt her, the movie is worth watching because it shows us how art, documentary movies, pop culture,  changed, how pop culture changed, and how sociology and psychology of the masses are quite different today.

And it’s true – watching “Simply Complicated” through you will pass through tons of emotions, you will be killed in the notion when you see how much Demi was destroying herself and how much she was already ready to give up her life when she brought in alcohol, cocaine and incredible amount of various pills – so much that an ambulance came for her, and she even then resisted the people who wanted only to help her. This is not a documentary for Lovatica alone – we should look at it all, no matter how old we are and how much do we love Demi. After it, you will look around at the world with different eyes.


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