Horror Movies Worth Your Time

Horror Movies Worth Your Time

Numerous film achievements were extremely popular in their time, and each one contributed something new not only to the film industry but also to the very creative process of film-making. However, only some of the scary movies remained relevant over time. I bring you the XX most unsettling horror movies trough time. Although the style and technical aspects of the film industry have progressed considerably over time, and maybe some of the effects and modes of expression now appear already seen and funny, these are the films that were pioneers of their time, and as such should be observed.

1968 – Rosemary’s Baby

The way in which the birth of an antichrist is shown, as well as the entire plot behind this, places this film among one of the most chilling, especially for the time in which it was filmed. The details in the monologues that reveal the horror details, easily put you in the perspective of the main actress, and that is horrifying.

1973 –  Don’t Look Now

Venice in ancient style, serial killer, clairvoyant with premonitions that are ominous, and mourning parents who are seeing their dead daughter wandering through the alleyways. This creepy horror with the occult vibe is made of stuff that nightmares are made.

1976 – The Omen

This nihilistic horror movie with prophecies from a Bible, Satanic forces and child Demien that is the devil has the most chilling soundtrack that is alone enough to scare you. Not to mention nannies that are self-sacrificing.

1980 – The Shining

The Shining

You can see that something is wrong from the beginning with this plain family movie. Something creeping is happening in the minds of its characters although everything is just fine and pleasant on the surface. The tension building from scene to scene makes you unsteady. The movie is an adaptation of the novel written by Stephen King, and that is scary enough.

1991 – The Silence Of The Lambs

People say that this movie is just a psychological thriller. And when those people finally watch the movie, they stand corrected. It is enough just to bare the devious look that Anthony Hopkins gives you from the screen. Not to mention everything else that is seen and heard in this film that is still quite popular and inspirational to other filmmakers.

2007 – The Orphanage

The OrphanageArent the kids in horror movies the scariest part of it? Their pale skin, their motives, voices, the way that they look at you… Well, in the orphanage there are only children, and in this one, those children are quite scary.

2009 – Dogtooth (Kynodontas)

There are no ghosts, killers, spirits, priests, nuns, dead people and monsters in this movie. There are no scenes that will make you jump, nor any color besides pastel. Still, this deeply unsettling movie will haunt you for days. Because all those scary stuff you see in other horror movies, here, you find out the truth – the things that nightmares are made of are in us.


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